North Carolina Collegiate Sports Information Association History

By Bob Lowe
Greensboro College Sports Information Director

The North Carolina Collegiate Sports Information Association (NCCSIA) was formed on July 30, 2002 in Greensboro. The primary focus of the organization is to better promote student-athletes from North Carolina’s colleges and universities.

First Year and First Executive Board

The first elected officials for NCCSIA were Joe Browning, President, UNC Wilmington; Kyle Serba, president-elect, North Carolina Central University; Stan Cole, secretary, Campbell University; Chris Mathes, treasurer, St. Andrews Presbyterian College; Bob Lowe, special representative, Greensboro College.

During its first year, NCCSIA produced a statewide media directory that was circulated to its membership, organized a group that bid for the 2008 College Sports Information Director’s Workshop (CoSIDA) workshop and produced regular newsletters that informed members of statewide news and notes about people and events in the profession.

Background: The Formative Years of NCCSIA

The idea of starting a statewide association of college sports information professionals had been bandied about for many years. On July 2, 2001, however, the groundwork for what is now NCCSIA began to take shape.

Spearheaded by Lowe, who previously helped form a similar organization in California, an informal meeting was set up at the 2001 CoSIDA workshop in San Diego. Browning, Cole, and Guilford College’s Dave Walters were instrumental in preparing for the meeting.

In addition, the Virginia Sports Information Director's Association (VaSID) assisted in organizing NCCSIA. Specifically, Gary Holden of Ferrum College, and Steve Vehorn of the Colonial Athletic Association supported the venture.

Twenty-three North Carolina athletic communicators packed an undersized convention room for the meeting. “It was ironic that the first meeting for a North Carolina SID association took place in San Diego, about 3,000 miles from the Tar Heel State,” said Browning.

Lively Debate in America’s Finest City

The San Diego meeting—held on July 1, 2001--was lively with debate about the need for a statewide SID organization. An overwhelming majority of those gathered, however, favored starting the organization as soon as possible. Additionally, all agreed that professional development and interaction among the group was priceless.

“I had talked with Marion Crowe of Fayetteville State a number of times over the past 10 years,” Cole said. “The San Diego meeting was the first time I put the name with the face and was able to meet him in person. In this electronic age, interacting in person is extremely important.”

Rather than hurry the formation of the organization along, the group agreed to table the association’s formation for another year.

There was an NC SID informational meeting at the 2002 CoSIDA Workshop in Rochester one year later. A few weeks later, NCCSIA was born at the meeting in Greensboro—which was hosted by Guilford College.

At its June 10, 2003, meeting, held at Elon University, NCCSIA plotted out its second year. The association's web introduced to the membership. A decision was also made to recognize All-State teams, beginning with men's and women's soccer, starting in the 2003-04 year.